For the very first time

"The Professor's One Minute
Guide to Stock Management"

Presented in one action-packed
full day seminar

Saturday March 9th, 2013
Hilton Garden Inn,
Orlando International airport,
Orlando, FL 32822

Check out this First Coast News segment on The Professor's course

Hank Swiencinski and AIQ have joined forces to bring you

"The Professor's One Minute Guide to Stock Management"

in it's entirety in ONE FULL DAY!

For the last few years, traders and investors in Jacksonville, Florida have had legendary trader and AIQ TradingEpert Pro client, Hank Swiencinski all to themselves. No longer.

The Professor, as he is known by his clients, has graciously consented to present "The Professor's One Minute Guide to Stock Management" in person in it's entirety in one full day.

This remarkable course is usually taught in four sessions of 2 hours, and never before been available outside the walls of the University of Northern Florida in Jacksonville, FL.

Hank has been garnering extensive TV and newspaper coverage of his legendary trading course.

Women and the stock market segment on News 4 with Hank Swiencinski

This is not some new fangled gimmick or a retread of some basic strategy wrapped up in a pretty package with a bow.

Hank has put together a combination of technical indicators and strategies, together with insights garnered from his years of trading, that really work.
You only have to read the testimonials from The Professor's clients to realize this course is revolutionizing how traders and investors manage their portfolios.

What does The Professor teach in "The Professor's One Minute Guide to Stock Management" seminar?

Here's what you'll learn

      Why the old models for investing or trading the market have failed and what to do next
      Overcoming impediments to becoming a winning trader
      Two technical indicators The Professor uses and the 2 rules he applies for going long or short
      The third rule for exiting and why you must always follow this rule if you're going to make money

The professor will illustrate his strategies with real like examples applying the rules. Plus he'll also reveal;

      How to identify basic patterns in price action
      The building block 'Hockey Stick' pattern
      Identifying the 'Hockey Stick' patterns in reversals, head and shoulders and cup and handle
      Price target projection using 'Hockey Stick' patterns

Building patterns into waves, the Professor will illustrate how waves and trends work and how;

      'Hockey Stick' patterns become waves
      To analyze wave counts to determine direction and length of trend
      To use wave theory and wave count to determine where you are in a trend
      To Identify potential reversal patterns

You'll also learn the importance of stops and taking profits and an understanding of the macro events that drive the market and where it can go from here.

At the end of the course, you'll walk away with a thorough understanding of The Professor's philosophy and strategy for successful trading and investing.

All attendees receive the complete seminar manual for FREE.
Hear it straight from
The Professors' clients

"It is incredible," said Pete Tinnesz, 63, a retired chemical engineer who holds an MBA in finance.

He has been handling his own investments for 40 years and was "pretty much a buy and hold guy" until he took the course nearly two years ago.

Now he is more active and with considerable success. Read the full Florida Times story BizJAX, Money & personal Finance on the First Coast

"The class was informative and enjoyable. The two hours flew by each night. I look forward to taking the positions trading class. Looking forward to the next class!"

"Dear Hank, You may not be a wizard but you are a great teacher. This is coming from a recently retired teacher. Your classes and your daily commentary have raised my investing knowledge quotient a hundred fold. Thanks for your work."

"Enclosed you will find some very hard worked for cigars. You deserve them. Today is a major day for me. You may recall some months back when I told you that since we had loses in 2010-2011 of our life long savings. Since I took the Position Trading Class in November, I have made much of it back. You have taught me so much about trading, patience, and taking money off the table, not falling in love, and most of all the SIGN. I get it and it truly amazes me."

"Thanks for the set up information on Royal Caribbean. I looked at the data, then followed the rules and ended up taking a nice 8% profit. I got out before my 'greedy side' took over. This is my first trade like this where I could really see and clearly understand the data that set up the trades. I'm now looking at oil and still watching my positions in the metals. I really appreciate the updates and learn something from each one of them. Thanks, again."

"I just wanted to know, that I'm close to tears this morning, anticipating the 9:30 open, tears of joy and bewilderment. A little history…I lost my husband 2 years ago and had to start managing finances when I really didn't know much about them, that was his job. All I had was my smarts, which I applied to your classes and methodology. I now have the confidence that comes with a job well done. This morning….I took my chances on a poor job report. I figured if nothing has changed to affect the production of jobs, how does anyone expect it to get better? Anyway, I won my bet. J RGLD and SLW have performed extremely well for me these last few weeks. All while using your indicators and methods. Last…RCL has not only paid me for my next cruise, but enough to take a friend too. Thank you for that tip the other day, I purchased it around 27. It will be pushing 29 when it opens. Last…I'm working real hard to get another friend to attend your next class…He's a tough one to convince, but I have some real proof that your methods work! I cannot thank you enough!"

This is a unique opportunity for you to join the hundreds of traders and investors that are already trading successfully using The Professor's strategy.

Better yet we're going to make this the best value seminar THIS YEAR. You'll learn the indicators, the rules, the patterns, the wave analysis and much much more, AND receive a complete seminar manual for
ONLY $299

Book your place now
call 1-800-332-2999 or 1-775-832-2798

Now that's a bargain. But don't hesitate, we're keeping the group small, so once seats are gone that's it, you're out of luck.

Saturday March 9th, 2013 Orlando, FL

Hank Swiencinski has 30+ years trading experience, 6 years as a professional. He was also Director of Marine Corps Research & Development and Technical Director of the Navy International Policy.

The Professor, as he is known to his clients, has educated hundreds of individual traders and investors in his hallmark strategies; strategies that encompass using moving averages, Wells Wilder's DMI and what The Professor calls his 'Hockey Stick' patterns together with wave and trend analysis.

"Hank has been an AIQ client for over 25 years. We met over lunch late last year, and I was immediately struck by his erudite approach to trading and investing.

His knowledge of technical analysis and the practical application of wave theory, moving averages, and DMI is impressive."

Stephen Hill,
AIQ Systems

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