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Thank you for registering to download TradingExpert Pro
If you are installing on a new system or reinstalling on an existing system please follow the guidelines below. We suggest you bookmark this page so you can return to the download for future use.
- Click on the download now button to begin the TradingExpert Pro 9.51. The download will begin shortly.
NOTE: 9.51 is NOT compatible with Windows XP


- In Internet Explorer we suggest you save the file to your system


- In Google Chrome the file saves automatically


- In Firefox select save


- Locate the install file TEP951.exe, it will be in your downloads folder, or you can search for the file name.

- Right click on the file name, and select 'Run as Administrator'

- If prompted 'Do you want the following program from an unknown publisher to make changes to this computer' click Yes


- The installation process includes all the TradingExpert Pro 9.51 files required and includes 2 Microsoft Visual Studio components. The install will begin once the file has unpacked.

This video details the various steps of the install process. Please note there is no sound.

Upon completion of the install you will be ready to launch your TradingExpert Pro 9.51.
3. The software is now ready for use. If you have installed the software on a new system, you will need to enter your eSignal username and password in RTalerts software and the IDC username and password in AIQ Data retrieval. See steps #4 and #5 below.

Note: if the Main Menu is grayed out, e-mail AIQ for a new key at

Adding your user name and password into AIQ RTalerts

  • Open AIQ RTalerts, from the AIQ Main Menu
  • Select File, Service Setup, Service
  • Select Setup adjacent to Interactive Data
  • Enter the user name and password provided in the welcome e-mail from IDC
  • Click OK. Click OK again, then click on File Exit

    - Open AIQ RTalerts again and you should be connected to Interactive Data
    Before using your RTalerts please refer to the Upgrades and Features page for important information.




  • 5.
    AIQ Data Retrieval - IMPORTANT

    The end of day download through Interactive Data requires a separate user name and password. You will receive this information in an e-mail in a few days.

    Once you receive the end of day user name and password follow the instructions below

  • Launch AIQ Data Retrieval from the AIQ Main Menu
  • In Setup Options, select service Interactive Data and select setup
  • Enter the user name and password provided by Interactive Data, click OK
  • Make sure the Network is set to Internet Lan

  • 6.
    Key number

    You'll require a new key number within 30 days to activate your software permanently

  • Launch AAIQ Main Menu
  • Select Applications, Registration
  • Select YES to obtain key number
  • E-mail with your name and the 2 4-digit registration numbers