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TradingExpert Pro monthly IDC lease clients
Existing TradingExpert Pro monthly lease clients, list of commonly requested actions.

Software and services

I want to

  • Download a full version of TradingExpert Pro for reinstalling or installing on a new system
    requires registration in AIQ store


  • Modifying exchanges and services in my Interactive Data/eSignal account

    Visit you will need your username and password (eSignal username and password used in RTalerts and Quotes) to access your account.

    You can also e-mail or call IDC

    IDC billing/account questions

    IDC ticker symbol questions realtime/delayed Quotes/Alerts
    510-264-1700 press 2

    IDC end of day login questions/ticker symbol questions Data Retrieval/COMM

  • Add Chart Pattern Recognition service.....Patterns downloaded each night with your regular price data and an Expert System that determines the validity of the chart pattern..... learn more

  • Historical dataset

    AIQ's comprehensive dataset includes over 6500 tickers on US stocks, indices, and mutual funds. AIQ historical data is refreshed monthly to reflect ticker symbol changes, new issues, splits and mergers. TradingExpert Pro users can purchase a one time updated download with current data (usually no more than 3 weeks old) or subscribe to a quarterly update.

    One time update


    Quarterly update annual subscription


or call Sales: (800) 332-2999   +1 775-832-2798    E-mail

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