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Technical Issues

1. Open the Portfolio Manager application and from the View command on the menu bar verify that the Accounts view is selected.
2. Click the Account command on the menu bar and choose Import Profit Manager Files. The Select Profit Manager Directory dialog box will appear.
3. In this dialog box, the folder name Pftdata (winTes32/Pftdata) will appear in the upper box. This is the folder in which Profit Manager data files were stored by previous versions of AIQ TradingExpert. In the two lower boxes, the following will be displayed:
File name: acclist.acl
Files of Type: Profit Manager Account List
4. In the large window, click on the file acclist.acl to select it.
5. Click Open to import your Profit Manager files into the Portfolio Manager. A new entry will be created for each account file contained in the Profit Manager Account List. The original files will not be destroyed in the process.
6. The next screen that appears is the Profit Manager Stops screen. This screen displays the stops that were in effect for your Profit Manager positions. These stops will become the Default Exit Strategy for the imported accounts and the name of the strategy will be shown in the lower text box. Click OK to complete the creation of the imported accounts. The imported accounts will now appear in the Portfolio Manager Account List.

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