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Incomplete or missing data for ABCD: This message indicates a ticker that is no longer Trading. The Trading on the symbol could be halted, it could have been delisted, or it could have had a merger.

ABCD 04/14/99: 25% variance from prior values: These may be genuine 25% up or down move in the specified ticker, or an error (spike) in the data. Tickers Trading below $2 may receive these types of variances every day. Look at the chart of these tickers to determine any action required.

11/11/98 08:24:40 Group HOUSE2 is empty and was deactivated: AIQ group and sectors are calculated based on tickers in your Master List. If you do not have any stocks in a given group, the system deactivates the group.

11/12/98 06:25:05 WFC has volatility range error. Check data for accuracy: AIQ performs a volatility check on all your tickers when reports are run, and determines any symbols outside the normalized range. This may indicate a potential spike in data, check the chart, it may be genuine extreme volatility.

APSO 10/15/98: no volume: The ticker reported less than 500 shares traded in the day. Tickers that do not have much volume do not give accurate ER's. You may want to use the Advanced ticker delete function in Data Manager to delete low volume stocks. To do this, go to Data Manager, click on ticker, delete, choose advanced, click through to the price and volume screening page and enter a number for the volume.

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System Messages should be reviewed after each download.

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Yes, after each review the message log should be cleared. If the log is not cleared it will increase in size and become unmanageable.

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SP500 List changes: Go to
Updated lists: Go to
Nasdaq symbol maintenance: Go to

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In Data Retrieval, do not select "erase messages". You can choose "erase messages" if you also choose "print messages", but it should not be the only message choice selected.

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