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Getting started right is important, that's why we recommend looking at the New Users Tutorials, these PDFs have everything from Determining Market Direction, Top-Down Approach to Stock Selection Using AIQ's Group/Sector Capabilities, Bottom-Up Approach to Stock Selection Using AIQ Reports, Setting Stops for Transactions in Profit Manager and Getting Ready to Trade.

Want to get the in depth information on a feature without wading through the hard copy of the manual, then visit the On-line Manuals
. Every ounce of information is available in a clear and easy to read format.

Can't find an answer, then check out the Technical Support Index, with a searchable database of common questions and issues, links to AIQ user groups and contact numbers for AIQ Support.

Want insights from AIQ Power Users and Renown Industry Experts? Experts like John Bollinger and John Murphy? Then visit the Opening Bell Archive
with 13+ years of articles from our premium magazine.

The following Adobe Flash 30 - 60 minute tutorials are now available

Getting started with RTalerts

Getting started with AIQ Charts 1

Getting started with AIQ Charts 2

Getting started with Expert Design Studio

Top Down Trading using TradingExpert Pro

Trading with indicators - MACD and AIQ Bands

How to test a trading strategy - a systematic approach

Relative Strength & Price/Volume Divergence

Developing a Trading log and why you need one

Trading with Indicators - Positive and Negative Volume



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