AIQ Systems LLC

Phone Numbers: Mailing Addresses: Email Addresses:

Tech Support:
(775) 747-8404

(800) 332-2999
(001) 775-832-2798 from outside the U.S.

eSignal/IDC Client Services
for questions regarding account, billing, etc.

Telephone:770 999-4511

1580 Grand Point Way
Reno, NV 89523

Technical Support:


eSignal/IDC billing and account questions ACCOUNT / BILLING HELP
770 999-4511
Press 1 for Billing / Customer Service

IDC/Datafeed PRD questions (EOD download)
770 999 4501
Option 2, Sub option 1

eSignal streaming data questions
eSignal Contact us
770 999-4511
Press 2 for Technical Support

Modifying exchanges and services in my eSignal/IDC account

Visit you will need your username and password (eSignal username and password used in RTalerts and Quotes) to access your account.

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